Why FEI?

  • Want connection with top business leaders such as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?
  • Want elite peer networking on a first name basis with collaborative thought leaders such as CFO’s and CAO’s   of Fortune 1000 companies?
  • Want access to the latest information to expand knowledge such as new standards and tax updates from Washington?
  • Want a voice in setting regulation standards such as joining a committee which provides guidance on national standards?

If you answered YES, then it’s time to join. We have over 30 professional development and networking programs to fit your needs.

Member Benefits Value: The Sky Is The Limit!

  • Access to Industry Leaders and Executive Peers: Priceless
  • Happy Hours, Dinners and Breakfasts: over $1,000
  • 40+ CPE Hours: over $1,000
  • Special Interest Group events including energy and technology: over $300
  • Leadership Lunches: $200
  • Young Leaders and Top Golf events: $200
  • Access to online CFO Magazine, Webinars and “FEI Connect”- the go-to source for sharing best practices peer to peer
  • Mentoring & Leadership Development

Membership Qualifications 


The Executive membership category is open to those executives who perform some or all of the duties of a financial executive, as defined by FEI and who serve companies of sufficient size to meet FEI’s qualifications. Applicants for Executive membership must meet the specified requirements, and must hold a FEI qualifying title.
Typically Qualifying Titles
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Planning and Analysis, Vice President of Taxes, Vice President of Pension Fund Investments, Vice President of Risk Management, Director of Finance, Taxes, Treasury, Accounting, and Audit Committee member*
Senior Manager or Manager: Accounting, Auditing (General/Internal), Borrowing & Investments, Budget, Cash, Collections, Compliance, Country, Credit, Finance, Corporate Finance, International Finance Project Finance, Trade Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial Reporting, Foreign Exchange, Investor Relations, Planning, Pension & Investment, Risk, Tax, Treasury
excludes professionals currently employed by audit firms, consulting firms and service providers

Qualifying Company Criteria
$2 million in net worth, or
$6 million in capital (combined net worth and long-term debt), or
$10 million or more in annual revenues.
$8 million in operating expenses
$200 million in total assets (Financial institutions)
$40 million total assets (Government corporations / authorities).


Applicants for Academic membership must be a practicing educator in the field of accounting, business or finance and hold academic rank of a Dean, Assistant Dean, Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor.


Applicants or membership category transfers for In-Transition membership must be unemployed and must register with Headquarters’ Membership Department for Career Management services. Membership in the In-Transition category is open to applicants who have held a qualifying position (refer to Qualifications for Membership) during the past 5 years. All applications must be accompanied by a current resume and proof of former employment (business card, personalized company letterhead, or pay-stub with confidential information removed).
Members may remain in the category for two consecutive years at the specified reduced dues rate. All members in the In-Transition category of membership will be invoiced annually for full Executive category dues rate and must qualify yearly for reduced dues consideration. In-Transition membership records cannot reflect business contact information, and all business-related information will be removed. Any member considering In-Transition membership should contact Headquarters to determine eligibility.


This category is open to all senior financial executives who serve in a finance, accounting, budget, or treasury position for a local, state, or federal government agency, department, bureau or office. Applicants for this category should have direct responsibility over budgetary expenditures of at least $25 million.

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