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Here is a list of Bauer classes that can Propel Your Career!

If you are a University of Houston Alumni, enjoy a 15% discount on any Bauer Executive Education class. For more information contact Brittney Edwards at bedwards@bauer.uh.edu.

Entrepreneurship in Practice June 15-16, 2017:

Course provides students with key practices and knowledge that will help budding entrepreneurs understand the challenges faced when creating and managing a small business start-up. Course material features lessons in business idea creation, business financing and managing business operations through the first year. Students also will hear from various professionals who will impart practical lessons for company start-ups.

By the end of the course, students will have been introduced to the following topics:

  • How to develop a business plan
  • Where to obtain financing for a company start-up
  • How to leverage skills across various talents and build teams for common objectives
  • Understand basic accounting to enable you to administer payroll, pay vendors and invoice             customers
  • How to network and establish business alliances to expand your enterprise

More about the Instructors: 

Eric E. Marin has worked in the Management Consulting industry for over 22 years in the domestic and international arenas. In that time, he has worked for, led and founded advisory practices in the Oil and Gas, Mining and Healthcare sectors.

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Cybersecurity for the Business Executive June 26, 2017:

 Are you concerned with the media reports of increasing data breaches and the potential impact of a cyber incident to your business? If your expertise is in management and not technology, then this is the course for you. This course provides students with basic knowledge of information security topics as they relate to management of small to medium sized businesses. This course features a non-technical discussion of recent cybersecurity incidents, effective threat assessment, protection and response strategies and includes actionable takeaways.

By the end of the course, students will have been introduced to the following topics:

  • The business impacts related to Information Security
  • The most common types of cyberattacks and the information security risk factors that affect all businesses
  • Cybersecurity in the news – what you need to know about current events to accurately assess the threats and take appropriate actions to protect your business
  • How to create an effective security incident response plan/business continuity plan
  • The essential elements of Information Security programs including: Governance and                       Organization, Strategy, Risk Management and Metrics
  • Communication strategies for increasing information security awareness for the board of               directors, management, employees and customers
  • A general understanding of federal and industry compliance requirements, such as PCI & HIPAA
  • Where to get started - effective risk assessments, resources and low/no cost security strategies

More about the Instructors: 

Mary Dickerson is Assistant Vice-President/Assistant ViceChancellor for IT Security and serves as Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Houston and the University of Houston System. As CISO, she is responsible for strategic planning and implementation of information security practices, encompassing a range of activities from compliance to technical forensics.

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