FEI is the premier resource for financial executive education and leadership development and the principal avenue to influence financial matters in Houston and the nation. With 11,000 members and numerous chapters throughout the country, FEI has been advancing the success of senior-level financial executives, their organizations and the profession since 1931. Members meet in local and national forums to exchange ideas, learn, and connect. The strength, influence, non-partisan research and advocacy of FEI enables members to have a voice in financial, accounting, tax, and governance policy that would be difficult for companies to achieve while acting individually. Learn more at www.feihouston.com

University of Houston C.T. Bauer College Of Business

Bauer Executive Education programs are designed to enhance the capabilities and competencies of executives. We offer both open enrollment and customized, research-based courses and workshops designed in collaboration with our client companies. These flexible programs are designed to help working professionals receive short-term training in areas relevant to their career. Our strong pool of expertise among Bauer faculty gives students an integrated learning experience across academic disciplines.

Sponsorships for FEI University are available starting at $5,000.  Please contact Logan Beszterda for more information.

P.O. Box 32, Bellaire, Texas 77402